HMIS Data Quality Quarter Two 2015

Quarter Two 2015 Universal Data Elements

Below is the HMIS Universal Data Elements (UDE) data quality report for CY2015, Q2 (April 1, 2015 – June 30th, 2015) showing percentages of acceptable data at the agency and project level. Acceptable data includes the percentage of clients that had a response for each data element, excluding Client Doesn’t Know, Client Refused, and Data Not Collected per the 2014 Data Standards. To download the spreadsheet please click here.

• Benchmarks based on project type will be defined and posted at a later date
• HMIS Project Specific Data Elements data quality will be posted at a later date
• HMIS Project Performance will be posted at a later date
• Data quality should be reviewed and corrected monthly (or ongoing) by agencies
• Data quality reports will be posted quarterly