Reactivating HMIS Enrollments

Adsystech has told 211OC that they will begin reactivating enrollments that HMIS Staff forwards to them. To have your reactivation request completed, you must submit a completed version of this spreadsheet (link will open as an Excel download) to the HMIS Help Desk.

Please list all reactivation requests by household as shown on the spreadsheet. Remember that reactivating the head of household DOES NOT reactivate the entire household. All clients must be listed if you need their enrollment reactivated.

NOTE: You MUST include the client’s exit date in this spreadsheet when you submit it to the HMIS Help Desk. Adsystech’s reactivation WILL DELETE ALL EXIT DATES FROM REACTIVATED ENROLLMENTS. This data will NO LONGER EXIST in HMIS upon reactivation. You will need to enter the client’s exit date after you have completed your corrections and proceed to exit them again. It is extremely important that you include the client’s exit date in the spreadsheet so that you have a copy of it to enter into HMIS upon exit. Any spreadsheets that do not contain exit dates will not be forwarded to Adsystech to avoid the loss of exit date data.

Since Adsystech requires the first and last names of all enrollments you must password protect the spreadsheet (click link for instructions on password protecting an Excel file and only follow the instructions under the heading “Encrypt an Excel file”) that you send to the HMIS Help Desk and call the HMIS Help Desk at 714-589-2360 to give us the password. Please do not call individual HMIS Staff members with passwords. Tickets entered to the HMIS Help Desk with a spreadsheet that is not password protected will receive an auto-response letting you know that you sent unencrypted personal identifying data and the ticket will be deleted to protect client privacy.

Thank you very much for your patience during this time