PSDEs No Longer Required For Non-Federally Funded Projects

Due to changes in the recently released 2017 HMIS Data Standards, Program Specific Data Elements are no longer required for projects that do not receive federal funding (i.e., CoC, ESG, SSVF, RHY, HOPWA, VASH, or PATH). As a result, the HUD Assessment used at entry in Version 6 of HMIS will only appear for projects that receive federal funding. Non-federally funded projects are only required to answer the CoC Assessment at entry, which contains Universal Data Elements that all projects are still required to collect.

We are still working with Adsystech to make the Exit Question assessments visible for all projects.Once available, this assessment will not contain any Program Specific Data Elements for any non-federally funded projects.

If you have any questions about this change, please submit a ticket to the Help Desk.