In the month of October, our HMIS vendor made some changes to HMIS to improve system functionality. Please see below for a list of updates that apply to you. If you have any questions about these updates, or if you find any issues with these updates, please email HMIS-helpdesk@211oc.org.

  • HMIS has been updated with the changes to the Data Standards that came into effect on October 1st. To learn more about the changes click here.
  • The Program Entry page Snapshot Management tab has been updated so the Income Interval field correctly allows records to be saved when the Income Source is set as ‘No Financial Resources’.
  • For RHY, SSVF, and ESG funded projects: The Export Schedule v5 page has been updated to add a button labeled ‘Copy’, which allows users to make a copy of a previous export. The default date for the job will be the current date, and all other parameter data will be copied into the new export.
  • The APR 2013 management report has been updated so that ZIP will be counted as ‘Client Doesn’t Know’ when Address Data Quality is ‘Incomplete or estimated address reported’.
  • The APR 2013 and APR 2013 Details management reports have been updated to make the Contract parameter multi select.
  • New management reports: The APR 2013 v5 and APR 2013 v5 Details reports have been released, and are updated in accordance with the New HUD Data Standard released October 1st. These reports should be used instead of the previous APR 2013 reports.
  • The Program Specific Data Element_Entry_Results management report has been updated to add the Program User Add field; this will display the user who entered the client into the program.
  • The Exit Client from Program page has been updated so that when a client who has bed services is exited from a program, any bed night services that occur on or after the exit date will be deleted.This means that the bed night for the night of the exit will be deleted.
  • The Case Notes page has been updated so that the date of the case note cannot be earlier than the Program Entry date.