Data Matters September 2014

Data Matters
September 2014
AHAR is coming!

September is here, which means AHAR is just around the corner!  AHAR review will begin in October, and is expected to be completed in December. If your agency receives any requests for corrections during this time period, please complete them ASAP to ensure 211OC is able to submit data for all AHAR categories.  We are hoping that the number of corrections needed from agencies will be relatively small, as we have been sending emails quarterly regarding corrections to be made.  We look forward to continued support from the agencies, and a successful AHAR submission!
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News Data Standards UpdateHUD released the 2014 Data Standards which will take effect as of October 1, 2014. As a reminder, that all HMIS users will need to attend the required Data Standards training taking place in October. Please stay tuned for upcoming training date announcements.

Client Intake and Household Demographics Pages being removed

Beginning on October 1st, the old Client Intake and Household Demographics pages will be removed from HMIS. These pages are no longer necessary with the addition of the Client Intake_v5 page, which almost all users are currently using. If you are not familiar with the Client Intake_v5 page, please begin using the page this month, and direct any questions to  You can also view our recorded webinar on the Client Intake_v5 page by clicking here, or you can register for HMIS Part II training.

Introducing AES 5.5Our HMIS vendor will be updating their system’s format to meet the new 2014 HUD Data standards. Their goal for this new format is to streamline the entry process by using the same “tab” format that the Client Intake_v5 page uses and to make the system easier for users to track/view client progress. This new version  also comes with a new client portal that is accessible for iPads and other HTML5 devices.The following pages will be retired with the update:

  • Client Intake
  • Household Demographics
  • Employment & Education
  • Quick Entry

This upgrade is expected to be released from mid to late September and webinar links are pending. For more questions, please contact the HMIS helpdesk.


HMIS Policy on Data Timeliness Change

According to the Orange County HMIS Policies and Procedures Supplemental Manual, the current data timeliness policy in Orange County is all program entry data, services, and program exit data should be entered into HMIS within one week of the date it occurred.
As of October 1, 2014, the Orange County HMIS Policies and Procedures Supplemental will no longer be applicable.  The NEW data timeliness entry will change to 3 days to enter client’s data in HMIS.  The reason for this change is to align ourselves with the Collaborative and with the new HMIS Data Standards.

If you have any questions about the new Policy, please email

HMIS Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 corrections due September 8th

Errors identified in the last quarterly audit should have completed by the end of September 8th. Data was pulled on the 9th to verify that corrections have been made and to identify any changes that have yet to be completed. Quarterly clean-ups are being performed in an effort to maintain data quality and decrease the amount of data correction e-mails that agencies receive on a yearly basis. The spreadsheet with AHAR corrections is crucial for those that are required participate in AHAR this in October.

If you have not called the HMIS helpdesk for your password or you need us to re-send your workbook, please contact the HMIS helpdesk at (714) 589-2360.

August HMIS User Meeting RecapWe would like to thank the users that attended the August User Meeting. We covered all of the agenda items, including an interactive project where groups discussed barriers and solutions to collecting the data elements below:

  • Length of Stay
  • Housing Status at Exit
  • Residence Prior to Entry
  • Last Known Zip Code
  • Employment
  • Social Security Number
  • Non-cash Benefits

In addition, we had a “question in a box” discussion regarding “If you could change one thing about the way your project is run, including project eligibility criteria, what would it be?”

If you weren’t able to attend this meeting and didn’t experience the discussions, ask someone who was there or better yet, attend our next HMIS User Meeting scheduled on November 5th from 9am-11am.

Please note that the November meeting has been moved due to the holidays.

training hours

HMIS Training Registration Update

Changes have been made with HMIS training registration. We have added a security measure by adding reCAPTCHA.  When registering to any of the HMIS training sessions, you will need to enter your username and password with the reCAPTCHA code prior Then you will be registered for the session.

HMIS Patch Updates for August

In the month of August, our HMIS vendor made some changes to HMIS to improve system functionality.  Please click here to see a list of the updates that apply to you.  If you have any questions about these updates, or if you find any issues with these updates, please email

HMIS Training Sessions 

Dates and times for the next HMIS Beginner’s Training Part I (Policies & Procedures), HMIS Beginner’s Training Part II (HMIS), HMIS Beginner’s Training Part III (Data Validation), HMIS Reporting Training, HMIS Data Quality Training, and Mark for Delete Training are posted in the HMIS Calendar. For more details and to register for training, please visit the HMIS-Calendar.

Please note that attending a Policies and Procedures training and Beginners training is required to receive an HMIS user ID and password, while Data Validation training must be completed within a month of completing part II training or the account will be deactivated.

puzzle 2 HMIS Puzzle of the MonthWe invite you to take a breather and start your Tuesday right with our HMIS Puzzle of the month. Below is our HMIS word search, friendly for HMIS experts and HMIS beginners.HMIS Word Search