Data Matters June 2016

Second Quarter HMIS User Meeting Recap

Thank you for your participation to our 2nd quarter of 2016 HMIS User Meeting.  The 211OC HMIS team provided updates on reports, training and HMIS. We had the users complete an HMIS Survey. To find out how much learning we had at our 2nd quarter HMIS User Meeting, ask one of your co-workers, or better yet come to our 3rd quarter HMIS User Meeting.

HMIS Test Policy Modification

Based on the feedback that we received at the HMIS User Meeting, decided to decrease the amount of time users have to wait before they can retake all HMIS tests. We decreased the waiting times between test taking. Originally, users were required to wait two weeks to re-take all tests excluding the second Part III retest. Users will now have to wait one week.  We also decreased the waiting time to take the second Part III retest from one month to 2 weeks. To see the most recent HMIS User Flowchart, please visit our website.

Upcoming HMIS Report Card Webinar

At the last HMIS User Meeting and in the responses to our HMIS User Survey some users indicated that they do not fully understand the quarterly report cards 211OC produces. 211OC will host a webinar on June 28th, 2016, at 2:00 PM. If you are interested in attending please sign up here. The webinar will be recorded and posted on

HMIS User Training Assistance

The 211OC HMIS team has received feedback that some Agency Administrators and backup Agency Administrators are struggling to effectively train their users.  In response to this, 211OC is offering training assistance to Agency Administrators and backup Agency Administrators who conduct HMIS training.  A member of the 211OC HMIS team will observe the training and provide support and guidance to the Agency Administrator.  If you are interested in receiving feedback on the HMIS trainings you conduct, please email

2016 HIC Beds Updated in HMIS

All beds reported on the 2016 HIC have been updated in HMIS. However, there is currently an issue with the OC_Bed Utilization report, so the beds are not being reported correctly. Once the report is fixed in June, the updated numbers should be visible, and your agency can determine how well your housing projects are utilizing the beds reported on the 2016 HIC. If your project’s beds do not look correct on the report, please contact, and we can update your beds for you.

Agency Administrator Update

211OC is only providing technical support to agency administrators that have passed the Agency Administrator test. We held our last monthly training in May. The percentage of Agency Administrators that have not certified is 28%. If you are an Agency Administrator and need to attend training, please send an email request to Agency Administrator trainings will be scheduled on an as needed basis, and will only be held if there are at least three users registered.

6 Ways Your Agency Can Improve System Performance
After reviewing the SWAP Project Performance reports, some agencies feel that the reports do not accurately portray the performance of their projects. This is most likely due to incorrect data being entered into HMIS. While the 2014 – 2015 SWAP reports will not be updated with any new changes made to HMIS, here are some reasons your agency and our system can still benefit from correcting the data in HMIS.

1. Any CoC funded projects will need to submit APRs to HUD, which means having accurate data in HMIS is extremely important.
2. Your data, whether or not you receive any federal dollars, can impact federal funds that come into Orange County! In June, 211OC will be submitting a System Performance report to HUD that will reflect the performance of Orange County as a whole, and will include all projects in HMIS, regardless of funding source. Our performance as a CoC will be ranked against the other CoCs in the country, and how we rank will determine future funding of Tier 2 NOFA projects.

For these reasons, we highly recommend correcting any incorrect data for all projects in HMIS immediately, as the report is due to HUD mid-June. Below are six tips for improving your data right now! If you have questions about how to find enrollments that need to be corrected or how to make the corrections in HMIS, please contact the helpdesk.

  • Work with your clients to obtain answers to the ‘Where did you sleep last night’ and ‘Destination’ questions in HMIS instead of using client doesn’t know, client refused, and data not collected.
  • Ensure the data entered into HMIS for the ‘Where did you sleep last night’ and ‘Destination’ questions is accurate. For example, users occasionally select ‘Other’ in response to ‘Where did you sleep last night’ or ‘Destination’ when there is a more appropriate option that they should be choosing.
  • Make sure entry and exit dates are correctly entered into HMIS so the length of stay for the enrollment is accurate.
  • Verify that the ‘Approximate Date Started’ field is accurate for all enrollments to ensure the client’s length of homelessness is being correctly captured.
  • Review entry and exit income sources and amounts for your clients to correctly capture changes in income during the client’s enrollment.
  • Rapid Re-housing projects should verify the Residential Move-in Date field has the correct date the client moved into permanent housing.


Agency Audit Update
The 211OC HMIS team continues to conduct the annual agency audits to ensure all agencies are in compliance with the LA/OC HMIS Policies and Procedures. To date, we have completed 10 agency audits out of 42 agencies. Each year, these audits are required for all HMIS Participating Agencies. We have scheduled 4 agency audits for June. If your agency has not yet scheduled an agency audit with the 211OC HMIS team, please email Click here to view and download the checklist of the items to be audited. Please ensure that all intake staff are available during the visit and all computers that access HMIS are available for review.
Patch Notes
In the month of May, our HMIS vendor made some changes to HMIS to improve system functionality. Please click here to see a list of updates that apply to you.