Data Matters June 2015

Data Matters
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211OC is currently updating the beds in HMIS for each project that participated in the HIC.  We hope to have all projects updated by June 15th.  The changes should be visible on the OC_Bed Utilization report.  If your project’s beds do not look correct on the report, please contact, and we can update your beds for you.


May HMIS User Meeting Recap
Thank you for your participation.  The 211OC HMIS team provided updates on data quality, time change for the morning HMIS Part I Beginner’s training, agency audits, patch updates, HIC/PIT and CoC Program NOFA.  During the meeting, we discussed the questions ‘what should 211OC do to better serve your needs?’ and ‘are there any kinds of statistics you’d like to be able to get out of HMIS but can’t or don’t know how to?’. Lastly, we played HMIS Jeopardy for our interactive project To find out how much fun we had at our last quarter HMIS User Meeting, ask one of your co-workers or better yet come to the 3rd quarter HMIS User Meeting.
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Did You Know?
Have you ever wondered if a client has been served by another agency in Orange County?  If the client is found in HMIS, then you will be able to find out where the client was served and what services they received by running the ClientMasterRecordReport_OC  To access the report for the specific client, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the client from the Client Listing page
  2. On the grid, highlight the whole row
  3. Right click by client’s name, then select preview report
  4. Select ClientMasterRecordReport_OC

Agency Audit Update
The 211OC HMIS team continues with the annual agency audits to ensure your agency is in compliance with the LA/OC HMIS Policies and Procedures.  To date, we have completed 11 agency audits out of 37 agencies.  Each year, these audits are required for all HMIS Participating Agencies.  We have 6 audits scheduled for June.   If your agency has not yet scheduled an agency audit with the 211OC HMIS team, please email  Click here to download the checklist of the items to be audited.  Please ensure that all intake staff are available during the visit and all computers that access HMIS are available for review.

HMIS Patch Updates for May
In the month of May, our HMIS vendor made some changes to HMIS to improve system functionality.  Please click here to see a list of the updates that apply to you.  If you have any questions about these updates, or if you find any issues with these updates, please email
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211OC Holiday Schedule
Father’s Day is Sunday, June 14th!    The first day of Summer is Sunday, June 21st!
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HMIS Help Desk Email:
HMIS Help Phone Line: 714-589-2360