Community Matters April 2014

Community Matters
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April HMIS News

New Program Entry Question in HMIS New11-trans-50px
A new question has been added to the Program Entry questions in HMIS. The new question is “Where were you sleeping prior to entering the institutional setting mentioned above?” 

This question will only appear if both questions “Where did you sleep last night?” and “How long was your stay?” meet the criteria below. 

Where did you sleep last night?

  • Hospital
  • Psychiatric hospital or other psychiatric facility
  • Substance abuse treatment facility or detox center
  • Jail, prison or juvenile detention facility

How long was your stay?

  • One week or less,
  • More than one week, but less than one month
  • One to three months

If both criteria are met, the question “Where were you sleeping prior to entering the institutional setting mentioned above?” will appear and will be required for the client to answer. 

If both criteria are not met, the question will not appear on the Program Entry page.

Adding this functionality will enable OC Partnership to automate the chronically homeless question, which we are currently working with the vendor to complete. This, in turn, will improve data quality for all agencies. For an updated copy of our intake form, please click here. If you have any questions about this change, please email

See you at the next HMIS User Meeting!training hours
The next quarterly HMIS User Meeting is scheduled for May 21, 2014 from 9am to 11am. Mark your calendar and save the date!

New Required Training! – HMIS Part III: HMIS Data Validation Training New11-trans-50px
This month we are introducing our newly created HMIS Part III: HMIS Data Validation training. This training is mandatory for all new HMIS users and HMIS users that have been identified as requiring additional training. New users will need to attend training within 1 month of completing the HMIS Part II training. The training will consist of reviewing client intake, program enrollments and validating the data in HMIS.

The HMIS Part III: HMIS Data Validation will be held on the first Tuesday at 9:00am and the third Wednesday at 1:00 pm of each month.

To register for this new training, please visit our website at

HIC/PIT Update
Due to the cooperation from the agencies, all HIC and PIT surveys have been finalized. At this point, your agency should have received spreadsheets with all HIC and PIT data from each of the programs you submitted surveys for. If you have not already reviewed these spreadsheets and confirmed that they are correct, please do so ASAP. Over the next couple of weeks, OC Partnership will be working with the County to review the data that was submitted one final time, and the finished product will be submitted to HUD by April 30th, 2014. 

Ready for the Annual Agency Audits?
It’s that time of year where OC Partnership will begin visiting agencies this month to audit whether or not they are in compliance with the HMIS Policies and Procedures. We will begin contacting agencies to schedule the visits. If your agency would like to proactively schedule an agency audit please contact To download a copy of the checklist that contains the items to be audited, please click here.

TipsAndTricks01 2 Tips and Tricks
This month’s tip is on the process of enrolling families in HMIS. The HMIS team would like to provide you with an easy way to ensure that there are no snapshot issues. This pertains mostly to the projects that serve families. To have accurate data in HMIS, please follow these 6 simple steps.

Step 1:  Enter the demographic information on the head of household (HoH) including income and non-cash benefits information using the Client Intake_v5 page under the Central Intake Library.
Step 2: Enter the dependent’s (spouse, partner, children(s)) demographic information along with their income and non-cash benefits information. If the dependent does not have any income or non-cash benefits, ensure that the income states “No financial resources” and “No” to the non-cash benefits field using the Client Intake_v5 page.
Step 3: Enroll the family into the appropriate project using the Program Entry page under the Agency Services Library.
Stepi4:  Answer ‘Where did you sleep last night?’ and ‘How long was your stay?’ for the Head of Household.  The responses will populate to the dependents. 
Step 5: Answer the program entry questions for the head of household and ‘Save’
Step 6:  Use the “Copy to HH’ button to copy the HoH’s responses to the dependent’s program entry questions.

You are now able to record services for each family member. 

New Annual Assessment Form  New11-trans-50px
If you have a HUD-funded Transitional Housing or Permanent Supportive Housing project, you are required to complete annual assessments for all clients. To help agencies collect this data, OC Partnership has created an annual assessment form. This form should be completed each year the client is in the program. For a copy of this new form, please click here. If you have any questions about this form, please email 

HMIS Patch Updates for MarchAES-Logo01
In the month of March, our HMIS vendor made some changes to HMIS to improve system functionality. Please click here to see a list of the updates that apply to you. If you have any questions about these updates, or if you find any issues with these updates, please email

Have you seen the new “HMIS Animated eLearning” section? New11-trans-50px
A new section has been added under Training to our OCHMIS website called “HMIS Animated eLearning!” This new section uses a blend of various presentation programs to help users understand different subjects that are related to HMIS and HUD. There are currently four pages under the “HMIS Animated eLearning” section:

If you have any questions about these webinars or would like to suggest a webinar subject, please email

Training room to be moved! important-icon-jp
The OC Partnership training room will be moved to a new suite at The Village on 17th Street. Currently trainings are conducted at the OC Partnership office but they will soon be held in suite 222 on the second floor of The Village. Once the new suite is in use it will be posted on our calendar and an e-mail will be sent out. 

HMIS Training and Events
For dates and times of HMIS Training sessions and upcoming HMIS events in April you can view our HMIS Calendar. Please note that attending HMIS Beginner’s Training Parts 1 – 3 is required to receive an HMIS user ID and password.
AES-Logo01 2 Adsystech, our vendor is offering a FREE webinar on snapshots!  This webinar will cover:  
  •   The Manage Snapshot page
  •   The best way to correct a Snapshot
  •   The best way to record changes in your client’s income
  •   Syncing the Snapshot between Central Intake and Program Entry
We highly recommend that all HMIS users attend, as snapshots are the cause of most data quality issues. If you are interested in attending this webinar, please register now by clicking on a date below: