NEW HMIS Help Desk Ticketing System Instructions

NEW HMIS Help Desk Ticketing System Instructions (only certified Agency Administrators are allowed to submit tickets):

Click the teal “HMIS Help Desk” button in the right sidebar

Type a few key words related to the issue you’re having or the error message you’re experiencing into the search box to see if there is an available Knowledge Base article that can solve your problem.

For example, if you are enrolling a family and not all family members appear in the pop-up on the Program Entry page you could type “family program entry” into the search box. The “Family Members Not Appearing in Pop-Up Window” Knowledge Base article, which contains instructions to solve this common problem, would appear on the page!

If no appropriate Knowledge Base articles appear, click the “Submit a Ticket” link beneath the search field to submit a ticket to the HMIS Help Desk. Note that under the “Message” section, there is a link that says “Add Attachment” if you need to attach a screenshot or report to your ticket.
When you submit your ticket you will need to select a Category from the Category dropdown menu:

HMIS – Data Request: When you need to request data that you are not able to pull from HMIS yourself. You can also use this category to let us know you have completed an Ad-hoc Report Request form.

HMIS – Pages: When you encounter an issue on any page in HMIS, excluding reports and exports. You will be asked to specify which page you encountered an issue on in a dropdown menu, then you will fill out a subject and message just as you would over email. We also have a space for you to enter the text of any error message you might receive. When we know exactly which error message you’re receiving, we can much more quickly solve your problem.

HMIS – Reports (Including repository exports and corrections): When you have a question about: Management Reports (e.g. Universal Data Elements_Agency V5), Ad-hoc Reports (e.g. CFCOC Services Provided), Application Reports (e.g. ClientMasterRecordReport), Repository Exports (e.g. CAPER, SSVF, RHY, APR), or Corrections Files sent to you by 211OC. You will be asked to provide the name of the report you need help with plus the start and end date of the reporting period. Please include all other parameters in the message section of the form.

HMIS – Setup: When you need to complete any project setup tasks, such as adding or taking away a milestone or service. You should also use this category if you need to deactivate or create a new project (in which case you will also need to attach a Project Setup or Project Close Out form).

HMIS Users and Trainings: When you have a question about user access or user trainings. For example, if you need to revoke a user’s access (in which case you would also need to attach a User Revocation of Access form) or if you have questions about the results or contents of a training.