NEW HMIS Help Desk Procedure!

Awesome news! We are implementing a new HMIS Helpdesk software called HappyFox, which will allow us to respond to your HMIS issues much more quickly and accurately. Woohoo! HappyFox also provides us with “Knowledge Base” software, which is a collection of articles written by 211OC HMIS Staff about common HMIS problems. Checking the Knowledge Base before submitting a ticket can help you solve some issues on your own without having to wait for a reply from HMIS Staff!

IMPORTANT: Client names, dates of birth, and social security numbers should NEVER be sent through HappyFox, including in screenshots. Check ALL screenshots for visible client identifying information and use Paint or other image editing software to block it out before attaching.

As a reminder, only designated Agency Administrators should be contacting 211OC through the new Helpdesk software. However, all users can search for help using the online Knowledge Base.

In addition, 211OC Staff will not be responding to emails sent to the HMIS helpdesk email (, and we will no longer be responding to HMIS questions sent to our individual email addresses. Please submit all questions or concerns to the new HMIS Help Desk ticketing system.

See submission instructions here.