HMIS Patch Updates for January 2016

In the month of January, our HMIS vendor made some changes to HMIS to improve system functionality. Please see below for a list of the updates that apply to you. If you have any questions about these updates, or if you find any issues with these updates, please email

  • A new management report called Client Master Record Report_CFCOC has been published. This report can be used to view non-bed night services received by CFCOC funded clients. You will find it in your Management Report Inventory page.
  • The Program Specific Data Elements_Entry_Summary and The Program Specific Data Elements_Entry_Results reports have been updated to include Data Elements 4.11 Currently Fleeing, 4.35A, 4.35B, 4.44, and 4.45.
  • The Program Specific Data Elements_Entry_Results report has been updated to add the “Veteran” field.
  • The Agency Services pages have been updated so that when they are opened from the Central Intake page, the selected program entry record will open for the selected client.
  • The Enroll Client in Program v5.5 page has been updated so that the Services tab will display all services for the client whether they are linked to a Milestone or not.
  • You can now search by client identifier on the Client Intake v5 page.