ESG CAPER Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated as of February 20, 2015

Q (Feb 2015) How do you report the “total number of shelter bed-nights available” and “total number of shelter bed-nights provided” on screen CR-70 of the ESG CAPER template in the eCon Planning Suite?


Q. As I begin entering the parameters to run the ESG CAPER report,  I have selected the grantee but do not know which contract number to select. What is the contract number for the reporting period I am running the report?

A. We recommend that you review your executed grant that is in place with the grantee, as it will provide you with the contract number for the grant year.

Q. When I generate the ESG CAPER,  the report generated zeros in each category.  Why is this?

A. Clients will be grouped by program type on the report.  Make sure all clients 18 and over have received a service during the grant period.  Adults that have not received a service during the grant period will not be included on the report.  Once you have confirmed that all clients received a service within the grant year, please contact for further assistance.

Q. I enrolled a family in a program, but not all family members were enrolled.  How do I ensure that all clients are enrolled in the program?

A.  You will need to go to the Client Intake_v5 page, in the ultra-grid (list of all family members), scroll over to the Family ID column and verify if all family members have the same Family ID.  To learn how to fix the Family ID, please click on for further assistance.