Chronic Homeless Definition Change: How it Will Help

From the USICH Blog

12/04/2015 – Achieving an End to Chronic Homelessness: How the Final Definition Will Help

By Richard Cho, Deputy Director

This morning, HUD published the Final Rule on Defining “Chronically Homeless,” providing a final Federal definition of the population of people experiencing chronic homelessness. This final definition (which has been in the works for a few years now) fixes a long-standing ambiguity that has been around since the original definition was established—an ambiguity which may have reduced our impact in ending chronic homelessness. The final definition does so in a way that gets us closer to the originally intended target population—the subset of people with high service needs and disabilities who, if not provided with long-term housing assistance and supportive services (e.g. permanent supportive housing), would likely remain homeless.

Sharing this view is Dr. Dennis Culhane, who was one of the researchers who discovered…click here to read the whole story.