HMIS v5 Roll-Out Complete

OC Partnership has completed the roll-out of HMIS version 5 to all participating agencies.  All users should now be using v5 for all work in HMIS.  If you have not started using v5, please do so immediately.  Users will no longer have access to v4 after December 31st, so please start using v5 now to make sure it is working properly.  If you need help accessing v5, or if you have any issues in v5, please email us at helpdesk at

HMIS Statistics August 2012

There are currently 42 agencies using HMIS in Orange County. As of 8/31/2012, 65 agencies have entered 66,762 clients into the system since inception.  This is an increase of 1.51% over the previous month of July, and a 12.28% since 12/31/2011.

HUD’s New Interim Regulations for the CoC Program

OC Partnership is gathering comments from the Continuum of Care (CoC) participants on HUD’s New Interim Regulations for the CoC Program.

The comment period for gathering input as a Continuum will be from August 3 to August 16, 2012. Our CoC will meet at Covenant Presbyterian in Orange for our regularly scheduled joint Implementation Group Meeting on Friday, August 17th at 9:30am, for a general discussion about these new Regulations.

For more details on the interim regulations and how to submit your comments, click here.

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