August 2016 Patch Notes

In the month of August, our HMIS vendor made some changes to HMIS to improve system or reporting functionality. Please see below for a list of the updates that apply to you. If you have any questions about these updates, or if you find any issues with these updates, please email

  • A fix has been released to update the PATH Annual and PATH Annual Detail 2014 management reports to fix:
    •  Q12 to correctly count clients with “Don’t Know” or “Client Refused” as values for the DOB code
    • Q10 “Total Number of times Service Provided” number issue for “Outreach” service category
    • to display the DOB Code value of “Data Not Collected” instead of showing blank
    • to add total count of Distinct ID in Sections 2,3,4,5, 9, 12 Data Information
    • to correct Q5 logic for counting persons enrolled
  • The Chronically Homeless calculation has been adjusted to include Adults Age 18 and above.
  • The Snapshot has been updated to correct an issue that was causing problems with dates.
  • The Exit Client from Program page has been modified to make the Reason for Leaving field required.
  • The Exit Client from Program page, Exit Program tab trigger has been updated so that Move In Date will copy to Residential Move-In-Date correctly.
  • The Snapshot has been corrected so that when members of a household are removed, they will not be removed from the earlier existing snapshots, and will not be included in future snapshots.

NOFA Planning and Advocacy Webinar

NOFA Planning and Advocacy

December 17, 2013, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM PST

On this webinar, Alliance staff will cover some of the major points of the FY 2013 Homeless Assistance Grants Continuum of Care NOFA and discuss how you should address your community’s tiering and application process. The webinar will also feature communities who will detail their own approach to the NOFA. In addition, the webinar will cover possible advocacy actions you can take around the NOFA to ensure that Congress provides enough funding for these programs in the future to ensure we are able to more effectively serve people experiencing homelessness.  To register click on the link

HUD’s FY2013-FY2014 Continuum of Care Competition – Strategies for Success Webinar

Wednesday, December 11 – from 3:00 to 4:30 PM


USICH is holding a webinar for communities on strategies to succeed in this year’s HUD Continuum of Care program competition.  In this year’s competition, HUD has made some important changes to the competition and NOFA—changes which will continue and accelerate progress on ending homelessness.  This includes a requirement to complete a CoC Application that covers two years of CoC strategic planning and performance, new policy priorities and criteria, and new project selection priorities.  Through the current Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), HUD will award $1.7 billion in funds for FY2013.  HUD will subsequently issue a streamlined NOFA to award its FY2014 funds in calendar year 2014.  Join this webinar to learn more about these changes, to get more information on the policy priorities sought through the NOFA, and to hear tips and strategies for completing a successful application.

Register for the webinar

HMIS Outage November 25, 2013


Update: As of 3:05p.m. the vendor fixed the server issue.  If you are encountering HMIS issues, please send an email to

Please be advised that the HMIS system is down as of 3:00 pm on November 25th due to server issues.  We will provide any updates as we receive them from the vendor.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Editorial: What happens when public servants cannot serve?

On October 11, Ann Marie Oliva wrote an editorial in the Washington Post.

Ann Marie Oliva is director of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs.

This is an excerpt:

The past two weeks have made me ask myself two fundamental questions: What does public service really mean, and what is my responsibility when I am told I cannot serve?



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