In the month of April, our HMIS vendor made some changes to HMIS to improve system functionality. Please see below for a list of updates that apply to you. If you have any questions about these updates, or if you find any issues with these updates, please contact the HMIS Helpdesk.

  • The Universal Data Elements_Details v5 management report has been updated to add the column Exit Date.
  • The Program Specific Data Element_Entry_Results_v5 management report has been fixed so that missing responses to theĀ 4.12 Contact, and 4.13 Date of Engagement fields will only be highlighted as missing data for street outreach and supportive services only projects.
  • The Program Specific Data Element_Entry_Results_v5 and Program Specific Data Element_Entry_Summary_v5 management reports have been updated to add Incarcerated Parent of Youth.
  • The Universal Data Elements_v5 report has been updated so that if there are no applicable enrollments for a data element, the three percentages for that data element will be displayed as N/A.